New City Kids Ministry

New City Kids Ministry

Are your kids bombarded by conflicting ideas?

New City will anchor your children to their identity in God.

Your kids are flooded with a lot of confusing information by people who do not know or care for them. They are exposed to so many different sources of information that it is difficult to even keep track of who is telling them what. School, movies, T.V., video games, YouTube, music, books, and friends all have their own values and agendas that compete with one another to tell your kids who they are and what to believe. This can make parenting difficult. At New City, we want to help you anchor your children to who God thinks they are and what he thinks about the rest of world.

When your kids are sorting through all the information being thrown at them, we want them to be tethered to the reality that there is a God who knows and loves them. We are not trying to filter out all the other sources, but give our children the tools to discern what is true for themselves. At New City, we want your kids to know they have access to the source of truth. And we want them to get to know that source, God.

Our focus at New City is that your kids will know God, know his story, know others, and know themselves. We want God to be more than an intellectual concept for our kids. Our desire is that they experience him as a loving father, a good brother, and a comforting mother. We firmly believe that as they become more familiar with God’s story and the stories of our people, your children’s faith will grow and strengthen, and their faith will be tested and sharpened as they interact with their peers. Also, we hope to provide a safe environment where they can discover and play with the spiritual gifts God has given them. Kids are highly valued in the Kingdom of God, so we are honored to guide your children into the adventure God has planned for them.

We guide the children of New City in three ways. We allow God to speak to them, listen to them, and interact with them.

How does God speak?

Smiling KidWe believe God speaks to us through his revealed Word, the Bible, Old and New Testaments. Within the Bible, God reveals his heart for his people and the ridiculous lengths he is willing to go to be in a real relationship with them. As we go through God’s story, we want your children to identify themselves as the people of God and know his amazing commitment to have a real relationship with them.

When someone tells you that they like you, that they think you are special or important, doesn’t that encourage you? As we explore God’s Word, it is impossible not hear that God loves you, that He thinks you are special and important. Every Sunday, we remind our kids that God thinks they are so special that He sacrificed everything to be with them.

About Pastor Adam

pastor Adam Pastor Adam was born and raised in Seattle Washington always sensing God’s call to pastoral ministry. While attending Christian College he met Val, a nice girl from Orlando.
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How does God hear?

We believe God hears us through prayer. We want your kids to know that God listens to them because He thinks that what they have to say is important. At New City your kids will learn to pray for themselves and others and know that their prayers are heard and valued.

Being heard is a basic human need. When that need is not met, it can lead to frustration, isolation, and despair. Thankfully we have a Heavenly Father who is always listening to us. Because when we know we have been heard, it leads to relief, community, and hope.

God not only hears your prayers but acts on them as well. We will teach your kids that prayer is powerful and God uses their prayers to create change in the world. Our desire for your kids is that they become social prayer warriors.

God desires a real relationship with his people. The best way to maintain a relationship is through open and honest communication. Because of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, we can boldly approach God as children approach a parent.

We want your children to know that their prayers, no matter how silly or serious, are heard by their heavenly Father. When you know that God listens to you, you know you are valued by him.

How does God interact?

We believe God interacts with us in Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We want your kids to experience God’s acceptance and forgiveness of them. At New City we invite your children to be baptized and then take the Lord’s Supper.



We believe Baptism is an act of God. It is where he identifies his children and adopts them into his family. Baptism is a free gift applied to all at any age. When you feel rejected, Baptism is a tangible means to remind you that you are truly part of God’s eternal family and that he wants you in his family.

Lord’s Supper

We believe that once you are adopted into God’s family (baptized) you have the privilege to sit at the dinner table and partake of the family meal. As you and your children eat the Lord’s Supper together, you can rest in the reality that your sins have been forgiven and that there is nothing that can keep you from your Father and the life he has for you.


How are the ages broken up?

We have a nursery for infants-Kindergarten that is held in the front room of our space.

We have New City Kids for 1st-4th grade that is held in the space directly next door.

Grades 5th and up sit in church with their parents. Also if your little ones want to stay with you, that’s great too. Our main worship is informal and filled with music and stories.

Who are the leaders for the Nursery and New City Kids?

In the nursery, we have hired Joyce. She has many years of nursery experience through Gold’s Gym, the YMCA, and Palm Lake Elementary. She has worked for our church for six years. We are very grateful to have her.

In New City Kids, Pastor Matt Fitzpatrick and Val Barcott minister to the children. Matt and Val started New City Kids when the church was planted in 2010 and have been running it ever since.

Pastor Matt Fitzpatrick

Matt FitzpatrickMatt helped plant New City Church and has interned under New City’s head pastor, Adam Barcott, for seven years. He is currently going through Concordia Seminary’s Specific Ministry Pastor program. At New City, we want our kids to not just be taught or entertained but to be pastored as well.

When it comes to the Word of God, Matt helps the kids see the Bible as a single narrative instead of a collection of disconnected stories. Your kids will know that God has always been committed to being with his people and still is today.

Matt highly values prayer and is committed to praying for the kids as well as empowering them to pray for themselves and others. Kids pick up a lot of emotional baggage during their week, and Matt has found that prayer is a great way for kids to give everything they are carrying over to God and start their week off lighter and refreshed.

Matt also believes in the power of playing. Most Sundays the kids will start off by playing a variety of games. Playing is an amazing gift from God. It helps build relationships, promotes problem solving and communication, and it is a safe way for kids to experience conflict and resolution. Playing is a natural way to practice forgiving and loving others.

Val Barcott

Val is Pastor Adam Barcott’s wife. She helped plant New City Church and has been key component in keeping it running. She works full time as a computer programmer and has three amazing children. Val cares deeply about the health, safety, and success of the children of New City. Kids are on their best behavior when Val is around. She is amazing at promoting playfulness, learning, and prayer, but the kids know that if they become a distraction to anyone of those things, they will soon be sitting with their parents.

Memorizing scripture is important to us, and Val has many clever techniques that help the kids remember their monthly passage. Whether it’s fill in the blank, reciting the verse in a funny voice, or putting hand motions to the words, she will find a way for your kids to remember New City’s monthly verses.

Dress code?

There is no dress code for New City Kids, but we do usually start off with a game that could involve some physical activity. We would recommend your kids wearing clothes that they would not mind running around in should the opportunity arise.


We want your kids to get the most out of their time in New City Kids. If one of them is being a constant source of distraction to the other kids, we will have her sit with her parents. After church, Matt or Val will talk to you about what happened in New City Kids. We understand kids can have off days. Every kid currently attending New City Kids has had to sit with their parents at least once, so do not be embarrassed if your child ends up sitting next to you during service. Every other parent in the room has had one of those Sundays. And we are always ready to start fresh next Sunday.

What do I do if I want my child baptized?

First you would need to set up a meeting with Pastors Adam and Matt. They will discuss with you their beliefs on baptism and explain why they feel it is important for your child to be baptized.

Next you need to pick a Sunday for the baptism. We believe baptism is a big deal, so feel free to invite friends and family to celebrate your child’s adoption into the family of God.

On the Sunday of the baptism, you will be presented with a certificate of baptism and a special book commemorating this special day of your child’s life.

When can my child take the Lord’s Supper?

If your child is baptized, whether it was at our church or another, she is more than welcome to come up to the table with you and partake of the Lord’s Supper. We believe the Lord’s Supper is a tangible source of the forgiveness of sins, and we want your kids to have access to that forgiveness as early as possible.

What prayers can I pray with my children?

Children need spiritual baths as much as they need physical ones. Every harsh comment from a teacher, mean joke from a kid, and their own disobedience slowly adds up a layer of spiritual dirt. Fortunately, we can wash them off with prayer. Below is a quick sample prayer we use for the kids on Sunday. Feel free to change it up. If you want other sample prayers to use visit our [link to prayer page].

Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up (child’s name) to you. I ask that you heal any wounds of rejection, intentional or unintentional, that they may have received this week. I ask that you replace these wounds of rejection with your acceptance.

I ask that you cleanse them of all the unreasonable expectations that have been put on them this week by teachers, parents, friends, or siblings. I ask that you replace these expectations with your rest.
I ask that you forgive them for the ways they did not love you or others this week. I ask that you replace their sin with your love.

I ask all of this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

activities for kids during the week

Are there activities for kids during the week?

Currently, there is a youth group for kids 6th – High school. It meets at the church on Wednesday evenings and goes from 6:30-8pm. Your kids will play some games and have a quick bible study run by both of New City’s pastors, Adam and Matt.

Also if you would like to set up a meeting with Pastor Matt for prayer/counseling/advice for your kids, you are encouraged to do so.

Next step?

You found a place where you and your family will be known but with only one expectation.When you visit, you are choosing to take a moment of rest and focus on your restoration.

Please visit New City on any Sunday morning at 10:30 am for a worship service that will be filled with song, joy, stories and the word God.

If you have any questions, concerns, or prayer please contact New City (click here) and a pastor will respond to your message as quickly as possible. Usually within 24 hours.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family.

New City Church
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